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Earth Net Foundation

Earth Net Foundation

We help the communities we serve to implement organic farming practices and market their products.

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Mission Statement

Earth Net Foundation is a Thailand-based NGO working under the umbrella of Green Net, which is a social business consisting of the Earth Net Foundation (the non-profit entity) and the Green Net Cooperative, an organic and fair trade certified producer cooperative.

Geographic Scope

Most of its work is developed in Thailand, although they also have projects in other countries like Vietnam, Laos, and Bhutan.

Work Areas

The organization’s work focuses on four main areas:

•Organic agriculture. Its programming encourages farmers to develop organic production, contributing to more sustainable livelihoods.

•Climate change and adaptation. This program focuses on collection of specialized knowledge, development of tools to assess climate risks and mechanisms to help farmers and communities to adapt, and draft of public policy recommendations.

•Government policy. This program includes activities requested by government agencies and international organizations aiming to promote organic agriculture and fair trade.

•Research and development. The Foundation develops knowledge by doing research and conducting studies in fields related to organic agriculture, fair trade and climate change adaptation.

The Foundation was established to promote and support the development of organic agriculture, fair trade and rural entrepreneurship.

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