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Fundación Global Nature

Fundación Global Nature

We are dedicated to nature conservation, so we provide innovative solutions for a sustainable agri-food sector and help public and private entities to develop their sustainability and corporate responsibility policies.

Founded in:


SAN Member since:


Mission Statement

FGN is a private non-profit foundation dedicated to nature protection combining the elaboration of technical strategies and plans with fieldwork, innovation, and applied projects.

Geographic Scope

FGN is based in Spain but implements projects at the national and European level.

Work Areas

  • Conservation of habitats and species (wetlands, land stewardship, water plants, bird conservation, turtles, rabbit populations, dune ecosystems)

  • Agri-food sustainability (farming products, local breeds, sustainable sourcing, mitigation and adaptation, agrarian biodiversity, farming policy)

  • Corporate sustainability (business and biodiversity, food and biodiversity, climate change, tourism, waste, water, education, and volunteering)

To significantly contribute to the protection of nature and biodiversity, supporting sustainability policies and conservation strategies that enable creating value for all concerned sectors.

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