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We aspire for an Indonesia where land and seascapes are managed sustainably and benefit the local and indigenous communities that depend on them.

Founded in:


SAN Member since:


Mission Statement

Kaleka, formerly known as Inobu, is a women-led organization focused on collaborative applied research. It strives to find new models of small-scale rural production systems that benefit both nature and society.

Geographic Scope

Geographically, the operational area of Kaleka covers the Indonesian provinces of Central Kalimantan, West Papua, and East Nusa Tenggara.

Work Areas

Kaleka’s thematic strengths are in the areas of sustainable sourcing, conservation and restoration, agri-food systems, community development and environmental and social governance.

The organization’s workplan in the last few years has focused on:

  • Farmer empowerment

  • Recognition of indigenous rights

  • Deforestation reduction and environmental management

  • Reduction of social conflict

  • Market access for sustainable commodities.

Through innovative research, policy analysis, technology and alliance-building, Kaleka seeks to improve public policies and strengthen civil society to sustainably manage Indonesia’s natural resources and agricultural production systems, throughout the life cycle of products.

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