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Rural Education and Economic Development Society (REEDS)

Rural Education and Economic Development Society (REEDS)

We want to contribute to social equality, improving living standards and environmental awareness of rural communities.

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Mission Statement

The Rural Education and Economic Development Society (REEDS) is a non-profit organization based in Pakistan that works for the integral development of the rural marginalized communities.

Geographic Scope

Pakistan, mainly Punjab and Sindh provinces.

Work Areas

REEDS’ programs focus on areas such as social mobilization, food security, women empowerment, and youth development.

Sustainable agriculture has been an important focus for the organization in recent years, with projects with the Better Cotton Initiative, CottonConnect and the Primark Sustainable Cotton Program.

REEDS has the vision to promote human development through change, motivating people to move towards a prosperous and equal life. Its overall goal is to promote the education and economic development of poor rural communities and create an environment for collective change.

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