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Setara Jambi

Setara Jambi

The establishment of Setara Jambi was driven by a deep concern over the social and environmental situation in Jambi, where rapid expansion of oil palm plantations increased social conflicts among communities.

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Mission Statement

Setara Jambi is a non-profit organization that aims to empower independent smallholders for sustainable land management.

Geographic Scope

Setara Jambi operates mainly in Jambi Province, in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Since 2015, it has expanded its work to the provinces of South Sumatra, Riau and West Sumatra.

Work Areas

- Educating and increasing the capacity of oil palm smallholders to implement sustainable agriculture through the RSPO and ISPO certification.

- Educating and increasing the capacity of food crop smallholders to manage cropland in a healthy and environmentally friendly way as well as educating consumers to support local products.

- Fostering and strengthening smallholders’ organizations to build networking, gain market access and forge cooperation with the government and other relevant groups to seek support for the empowerment of smallholders.

- Exploring service-based economic potential for members of sustainable smallholders’ groups, exploring the potential of small-scale local crop-based business, and developing it for smallholders and women groups in rural areas.

- Educating and increasing the capacity of village governments and community groups to achieve SDG-based village development, and fair, just and sustainable village spatial management.

- Educating and increasing the capacity of women groups and village communities to better understand the significance of gender equality and gender justice.

- Developing databases and mapping applications to collect information on smallholders.

Setara Jambi seeks to help achieve prosperous and just communities and a well-preserved environment by educating and increasing the capacity of smallholders, village governments, women and community groups.

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