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Wild Asia

Wild Asia

We enable sustainable development by working directly with businesses and communities on the ground.

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Mission Statement

Wild Asia is a Malaysian-based social enterprise that supports sustainable management by providing technical advisory services, training, and certification support to producers or business operators.

Geographic Scope

Malaysia, and other countries in South-East Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Africa.

Work Areas

  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials (e.g., Palm Oil)

  • Traceability and certification (e.g., Palm Oil Initiative)

  • Support to the tourism industry (e.g., Responsible Tourism Initiative)

Wild Asia delivers its bottom-up approach in three ways:

  • As consultants, by providing technical assessments and strategic advice to producers, financial investors, banks, and governments

  • As trainers, by developing and running capacity-building efforts to professionals and local institutions (e.g., Academy)

  • As implementers, running schemes and projects directly to learn how International Sustainability Standards (e.g., ISCC, RSPO) can be implemented on-the-ground (e.g., WAGS)

Wild Asia believes that an understanding of social and environmental issues is fundamental to sustainable development. Our mission is to inspire businesses to improve their social and environmental practices to meet and exceed global standards. We aim to promote change from within the industry by engaging with businesses, particularly those with direct social and environmental impacts.

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