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SAN welcomes three new members: CCDO, Earth Net Foundation and ORGIIS

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is pleased to announce the addition of three new organizations to the network: CCDO (Malawi), Earth Net Foundation (Thailand), and ORGIIS (Ghana).

Chipembere Community Development Organization (CCDO) is a Malawi-based NGO focused on empowering the youth, especially young women, through agribusiness initiatives and capacity building, providing the resources they need to be economically self-reliant. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and 80% of its population depends on agriculture for food and income. CCDO brings to SAN its experience in improving rural livelihoods and promoting a sustainable economy where it is most needed.

Earth Net Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of Green Net in Thailand. They have over 30 years of experience working with farmers to improve their livelihoods, providing training on organic production, fair trade, and entrepreneurship. They also work with local communities in climate change adaptation. They focus most of its activities in Thailand, although they have also developed sustainability projects in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Organization for Indigenous Initiatives and Sustainability (ORGIIS) is a non-profit based in Ghana that aims to create resilient rural communities empowered by indigenous knowledge and driven by sustainable production. ORGIIS’ work addresses the three ongoing crises – poverty, biodiversity loss and climate change – so having them onboard reinforces the network’s presence in Africa in line with SAN’s key strategic priorities.

The addition of CCDO, Earth Net Foundation and ORGIIS to the SAN family keeps strengthening the network and expanding its influence to transform agriculture around the world.

“We are thrilled to welcome three new implementing members from Africa and Asia and advance in building a strong and diverse membership in all geographies, linking global presence with local action,” said José Joaquín Campos, SAN’s Executive Director. “Our aim is to transform agriculture by collaborating with organizations that engage key stakeholders such as indigenous peoples, women and youth groups; the incorporation of these new members marks a significant step forward in this direction,” he added.

If your organization also strives to secure a sustainable future for food, nature, and rural communities, you can register your interest in becoming a SAN member here.

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