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SAN Ferrero Partnership

With the goal of providing innovative, practical and credible agricultural solutions, SAN has partnered with Ferrero since 2020 to promote nature-based solutions for insect pest control and healthier oil palm agroecosystems with two specific program objectives:

  1. Create and scale biodiverse habitats for pest-controlling insects in and around oil palm fields; and

  2. Promote adoption of safer pesticide management and least toxic chemical alternatives by oil palm producers.

SAN - Ecoasis - Nature-Based Solutions  infographic_edited.png

Experts collaborating to address oil palm insect pests

In 2021, SAN in collaboration with Wild Asia and expert entomologists and ecotoxicologists evaluated the situation around the implementation of integrated pest management and pesticide use.


Based on these results and the analysis of more than 80 publications, Zrum Agroecologia created an insect network that provided the fundament to propose a scientific design of a set of new native plants to offer resources (shelter, hosts and prey, honeydew, extrafloral nectaries and flowers) for natural enemies of the most pressing oil palm insect pests.

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