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Training concept, course curriculum and materials for the Food Security Standard (FSS)


Design of training concept and materials for auditors

Training concept, course curriculum and materials for the Food Security Standard (FSS)


WWF Germany within the framework of the Food Security Standard Project, an initiative of WWF Germany, Welthungerhilfe -WHH-, and the Center for Development Research of the University of Bonn -ZEF.



Crops or productive systems

Implementation dates

November 2019 - August 2020


About the project

Since May 2017, a group of experts from WWF, Welthungerhilfe, and the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) worked on the establishment of a Food Security Standard (FSS).

The FSS provided a set of practical and measurable criteria, ensuring the Right to Food. It is not a stand-alone standard but is designed as a best-practice set in conjunction with sustainability certification standards.

SAN understood that the effectiveness of the FSS depended on the correct application and implementation of standards and criteria, as verified through assessments and audits. That is why by developing the auditor training concept, course curriculum, and training materials for the FSS, this project contributed to the correct implementation of the FSS.

SAN developed the training tools and delivered the correspondent training curriculum for auditors to correctly interpret the FSS and evaluate compliance against its requirements.


For this Project, SAN designed a training concept to be used in the future training efforts for the FSS, and the training documents and materials to implement the concept.

SAN also designed a two-day course curriculum for auditor training, according to the main elements of the training concept and materials mentioned above.

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