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Catalina Mora

Senior Manager, Strategic Programs

Catalina joined SAN in 2015, and since January 2024 has been appointed as Senior Manager, Strategic Programs. She has over 10 years of experience in sustainable agriculture that includes training of technical staff in Latin America, Europe, and South Asia; working for a commercial firm marketing and distributing exotic produce in the United States; providing technical assistance to farmers as an extension agent for the Costa Rican government; and transferring knowledge to students as a professor at one of Costa Rica’s state Universities.


She is SAN’s leading expert on climate change and low-impact agriculture initiatives, particularly for livestock production, sustainable sourcing, and public policy; and supports the core team by coordinating the implementation of best practices related to project management and facilitating and contributing to the formulation of projects, from proposal development to its implementation. Additionally, she is the Program Coordinator for the SAN-Nestlé Partnership.


Catalina has an engineering degree in Agronomic Sciences with an emphasis on Rational Natural Resources Management from EARTH University in Costa Rica, and a master’s degree on Regional Integration and Development from Rafael Landívar University (Guatemala), obtained after finishing her investigation thesis on Regional Agricultural Policies and Climate Change.

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