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Oliver Bach

Senior Technical Advisor

Oliver is responsible for driving the integration of ideas, approaches, methodologies, and tools that support SAN’s mission to transform agriculture for people and nature. He is accountable for providing technical leadership to ensure that program implementation adheres to SAN’s technical standards and guidelines. He oversees the development of a cohesive roadmap for solution development, delivery, and resourcing for SAN’s signature program Ecoasis.

Oliver directed the standards and policy development for the SAN/Rainforest Alliance certification system for almost 11 years. His coordination of SAN Standard setting processes resulted in the adaptation of the SAN Sustainable Agriculture Standard for more than one hundred crops in almost fifty countries.

Oliver earned his M.Sc. in Wildlife Management and Conservation from the Universidad Nacional (UNA) in Costa Rica with a recognition for academic excellence.

Oliver serves as a SAN representative on the IPM Coalition. He has worked and lived in Germany and Costa Rica, where he is currently based.

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