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Rolando Zamora

Regional Manager, ESG Programming Europe & North America

Rolando joined SAN in June 2022 as the Technical Coordinator for the Responsible Sourcing Programs in Europe, and as of January 2024 is the Regional Manager for ESG Programming in Europe and North America


He has more than 15 years of experience working on sustainable agriculture and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders including farmer associations, government agencies, scientific experts, academia, and private sector.

Prior to SAN, Rolando was leading efforts worldwide with international NGOs in farmer training, good agricultural practices, and environmental programs.

He is also the co-founder of an urban agriculture initiative in Brussels, that enables people to grow food at home and become part of a food-bartering community. He believes everyone can play a role in the responsible sourcing approach.

Rolando has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economy and a M.S. in Agribusiness Management, both from the University of Costa Rica. He is based in Brussels, Belgium, and has a Belgian-Costa Rican dual nationality.

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