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Empowering farmers to become effective managers and decision-makers in growing healthy crops.

SAN and its local partner organizations design integrated multi-functional areas and strategies for integrated plant and soil management to increase areas that provide valuable resources to beneficial insects, such as predators, parasitoids, scavengers, and pollinators.

The program also empowers producers to become effective decision-makers in growing healthy crops, managing pests sustainably and creating agroecological farms.

Our Impact

In collaboration with Ferrero, SAN integrated IPM and biodiversity friendly practices in Malaysian oil palm plantations, covering a representative selection of small holders, medium and large plantations (3,500 ha). 

In Mexico, SAN lead a project to support pollinator friendly agricultural practices using flower strips to effectively promote natural pest control and pollinator services. To date, insect diversity has increased more than 50%.

The pesticide and beneficial insect related activities will result in a modular tool package to adopt advanced IPM and reduce the toxic farming footprint.

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