Practical, credible and innovative solutions to transform agriculture

We believe that long-term sustainability is only possible with local empowerment, that's why we work through our network of members in different countries.


Who we are


SAN is an NGO network focused on helping farmers, workers and rural communities to thrive, and donors and companies to move forward with their sustainability agenda in a practical and efficient way.

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We drive positive change along agricultural value chains and work to deliver significant impact on different key areas 


Sustainable Management

Natural Resources Conservation & Management

Biodiversity Conservation & Management

Integrated Pest Management

Pollinator “friendly” agriculture

Protection of workers’ rights

Wellbeing of workers and rural communities

Sustainable Livestock Production

Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Our work process


Understand the challenge

Open dialogue to identify challenges and problems to solve.

Ideate and plan a solution

Choice of the best tools and joint construction of an effective action plan

Implement actions

Fieldwork through our network of local members’ network

Measure and report results

Agile monitoring and evaluation system embedded in everything we do

Latest news

How does the SAN-SAF contribute towards achieving the SDGs?

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SAN-Nestlé Spices Responsible Sourcing Partnership

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