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SAN welcomes Alexander Wankel as new Institutional Relations Coordinator

SAN is excited to welcome Alexander Wankel as Institutional Relations Coordinator, to strengthen the Secretariat’s capacity to build relationships and collaboration opportunities with potential clients and funders.

Alexander has extensive experience supporting sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods in South America through social entrepreneurship, responsible supply chains, and plant-based innovation.

Prior to joining SAN, Alex co-founded a startup launching plant-based beverages that support regenerative smallholder farming in Peru. He learned a systems thinking approach to solving agricultural problems in the Andean region during his years managing responsible supply chains, implementing capacity building projects, and supporting financial services for small and micro-enterprises in Peru. He has experience implementing grant projects as well as raising private investment to support sustainable development goals.

Alex completed his MBA at Said Business School at the University of Oxford as a Skoll Scholar. He also holds a degree in anthropology from Brown University. He is currently based close to his home state of New York, and he holds dual citizenships of the United States and Peru.

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