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SAN keeps expanding with three new members

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is pleased to announce the addition of three new organizations to the network: CottonConnect (UK), MELCA (Ethiopia) and Setara Jambi (Indonesia).

CottonConnect is a UK-based company with a social purpose and mission to reimagine the future for supply chains in the cotton sector. They aim to deliver business benefits to retailers and brands while creating more resilient farming communities and more transparent and traceable supply chains. They currently work with cotton farmers in India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Peru. CottonConnect is joining SAN as a Supporting Member.

Movement for Ecological Learning and Community Action (MELCA) is an Ethiopian NGO focused on the areas of agroecology and food systems, environmental governance, sustainable livelihoods, and empowerment of women and youth. They work for healthy ecosystems and resilient communities through innovative approaches while taking advantage of traditional ecological knowledge. MELCA joins SAN as an Implementing Member.

Setara Jambi is an NGO operating in the Indonesian island of Sumatra. They work at the grassroots level to educate and empower independent smallholders – especially oil palm producers – for a sustainable management of their land. Setara Jambi is joining the network as an Implementing Member.

“We keep diversifying our membership base with three new members that bring to the network a great variety of expertise and work areas in diverse geographies. For us at SAN, diversity and collaboration are the main drivers of transformational impact and systemic change in agriculture and beyond, and we are certain that these organizations will strengthen SAN as a global collaborative impact network,” said José J. Campos, SAN’s Executive Director.

If your organization also strives to secure a sustainable future for food, nature and rural communities, you can register your interest in becoming a SAN member here.

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